Ian Marks CBE 1932-2018

It is with great sadness that we note the death of our trustee, Ian Marks.

Ian was the CEO and Chairman of Trebor until 1989, where he created a unique culture for the time, among its 3,500 employees worldwide, based on the self-empowerment of every individual. He considered every role in the company important, and tried to create an atmosphere where everyone could fulfil their potential. Trebor became the largest privately owned company in the UK. In 1989, it was sold to Cadbury and Ian went on to devote his life to philanthropy.

In 1985, he bought shares in Nature’s Own, a nutritional supplement company, and provided the finance for it to buy Cytoplan in 1992. He was a director from 1990, mainly as Chairman and financial backer. Cytoplan is now a world leader in Food State nutritional supplements. In later years, his shares were donated to the AIM Foundation.

The AIM Foundation has supported many different charitable organisations, providing initial funding for major new projects. Examples include funding the initial millennium project work to relieve African countries of their crippling debt burden, as well as helping Sustrans achieve a major lottery grant to create cycle networks across the UK.

The AIM Foundation has funded and worked with HETN from its inception. Our primary aim has been to create awareness of Hidden Hunger (Type B Malnutrition), to support research, promote optimum health programs and to change lifestyles and nutrition in order to prevent the development of chronic degenerative disease.

Alongside his work with Cytoplan, Ian helped Prince Charles create the Foundation for Integrated Medicine (later called the Foundation for Integrated Health), where he was Chairman for some 10 years.

Ian also created the hugely successful Essex Community Foundation that supports local Essex communities in achieving worthwhile community goals.

Ian was much loved, and will be greatly missed. He leaves behind Angela, his lovely wife of 60 years, his four children and many grandchildren and great grandchildren, to all of whom we send our heartfelt love and condolences.

Thank you, Ian, for your unstinting support over twelve years.

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