Life is a Fatal Illness

Many people have been waiting for the Kindle Edition of Life is a Fatal Illness. This can now be downloaded from Amazon UK or Amazon US.

9781848974982Geoff’s book tells the story of one doctor’s fight against the fixed ideas and vested interests of the illness-based medical consensus. In 1979, with his wife, he sets up Healthcare Swaziland to bring affordable, high-quality care to the Swazi people. He describes his journey over the coming years to a more holistic concept of health. With chapters on soil, food and improved nutrition, he explains how modern agricultural processes, the food industry and Big Pharma have led us to be consuming a diet which often lacks essential nutrients, and how many of the dietary supplements available are not in a form that can be absorbed by the body.

The book is written as a personal memoir of an extraordinary life, in which the author deals with serious life challenges, including being shot, the death of his youngest son and cancer. Along the way, there are reflections on the African humanist philosophy of Ubuntu, on love and compassion, and on healing people rather than just treating their symptoms.

If you want to understand better the limitations of the conventional, allopathic model of medicine, and gain a broad understanding of a wellness-based approach to health presented in an accessible and personal way, then read this book.

For a full review, see Other News. For the paperback version, go to Amazon UK or Olympia Publishers.

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