Professional Negligence?

gmcNow that there is a burgeoning interest in nutrition among the general public, and a plethora of newspaper, magazine and website articles on the subject, one might hope and expect that the health profession is also interested.

Not so, it seems. Today, I decided to enter ‘Nutrition’ in the search box on the websites of the General Medical Council (GMC) and the Royal college of Physicians (RCP).

The GMC search came up with a large number of items related to ‘end of life care’, whereas the RCP search resulted in three items: one on metabolic medicine, one on stroke medicine and one on gastroenterology. The latter two only mention nutritional support.

royel-logoSo, it appears that the medical profession is really only interested in nutritional support (whatever that means), especially when the patient’s life is at an end (probably due to a lifetime of nutrient depletion).

Oh dear, oh dear!

Recently, I did question a consultant anaesthetist on the subject of nutritional support. ‘Surely, it would be better to tube feed with a smoothie of real food, like eggs, milk, fruit and vegetables’, I asked. His reply was that no one would know how to do such a thing, and that only a product from the pharmaceutical industry could be trusted!

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